Our equipment is manufactured in Europe and is revised
regularly by the
Civil Aviation Authority.

SOS Parachute has an estimated useful life of 10 years, for which, our equipment must undergo a periodic review every 6 months. Our product managers and certified AAC collaborators according to the Civil Aviation Regulations will contact you to provide this service periodically in the customer service center in the place where you reside.

SOSPARACHUTE is manufactured under the supervision of professionals in the sector, who provide their technology, science, information and experience in the international aviation market since 1986, under license No. NATO 7650-B

Logotipo Parafly

for proper maintenance

Do not handle the container of the parachute, to ensure its usability.

Once you have adjusted the harness to your size, store it with the chest strap unfastened.

Keep in an accessible place for emergency use.

Store in a dry place at a suitable temperature: max. 140ºF (60ºC) and min. -20°F (-6°C).

Contact us for the inspection.

Avoid and eliminate dust from the container.

Request your inspection by phone or by email:
Customer Service number: (+34) 928 34 99 20 / (+34) 616 636880 | Mail: orders@sosparachute.com