SOS Parachute is tested and approved after exhaustive quality controls, supervised by engineers expert in the manufacture of parachutes in different countries of the European Union

Sos Parachutes are a trustworthy lifesaving device that have been used in a broad range of emergency situations since the 19th century.

The parachutes reduces the speed of the fall due to the resistance it generates as it descends through the air, controlling the effect of the wind and maintaining stability according to the weight and shape of its load.

SOS Parachute is developed by aeronautical engineers team with manufacturing experience of all types of parachutes for civilian or military cargoes both troops or fighter aircraft. Thanks to their professionalism and experience in the sector we have managed to manufacture a safe personal evacuation system for buildings with more than 17 floors (50 m.) This system guarantees us the peace of mind to live very high. Component of SOS Parachute is tested and approved according to international military / civil standards and does not contain any material that is not properly checked or certified. Each piece that makes up the equipment has the approved certificates of quality and safety.

SOSPARACHUTE is manufactured under the supervision of professionals in the sector, who provide their technology, science, information and experience in the international aviation market since 1986, under license No. NATO 7650-B

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In case of danger, and after verifying that the evacuation routes are inoperative, it is time to put on the lifesaving equipment and jump to life.

When you buy your SOS Parachute, you will receive a preparatory manual and complete instructions at home with your equipment. This documentation also includes the protocol to follow for its correct use.

Securely request your SOS Parachute equipment as a means of preventive self-rescue.