There is a SOS Parachute
to fit your needs.

When you receive your SOS Parachute, verify the guarantee seal that is issued once the product has passed the final inspection. Then, adjust it to the correct size in order to have it ready to use, in case of an emergency.

Guarantee seal

How to
adjust the harness

  • Open the chest latch and the leg straps.
  • Loosen the chest strap, the leg straps and the main straps(the vertical bands on the front) completely.
  • Slide your arms through the main straps, as if you were putting on a jacket.
  • With your hands between your legs, untangle one of the straps and insert the V-ring into the clip of the snap fastener. Do the same for the other leg, with the other strap. You will hear a “clinck” sound when it is fastened.
  • Bend forward and pull down on the leg straps. They must feel firmly adjusted, although comfortable.
  • Fold and tuck the ends of the bands in the elastic belt loops.
  • Standing up, hold the main straps on the front, and pull them down towards the end of the harness (situated right over the leg pads (straps).
  • Pull until the bands are well adjusted on your shoulders.
  • Adjust the chest strap properly. Fold and tuck the end of the strap in the elastic belt loop.
  • Now, your harness is correctly adjusted to your size. Take it off carefully, so that the straps stay in the correct position.

Once you have adjusted the harness to fit your size, follow these instructions:

  • Slide your arms through the main straps.
  • Fasten the chest strap.
  • Unfasten one of the leg straps so you can pass it behind your leg.
  • Pull it up between your legs and insert the V-ring into the clip of the snap fastener.
  • Do the same with the other leg strap.
  • Take out the pilot shut from the bottom, so that it can be hooked to the base that our technician has installed in the proper place for the jump. (It is not mandatory for it to be hooked, but it must be out of the bag).
  • Move to a safe surface from where you can jump (a window sill or terrace, for example).
  • Jump into the air in a decisive manner and pull the ring. Keep your knees bendedfor the landing.
  • Put on your equipment and make sure that everything is properly adjusted.
  • Approach a window, terrace or, if you can, the last floor of the building. The higher you are, the better.
  • Choose the spot with more space for jumping.
  • Remember to take the pilot shut out of the bag (red ring).
  • Make sure that nobody else is jumping at the same time as you. There must be at least ten seconds between one jump and another.
  • Once the equipment has been used and/or its bag has been manipulated, it must be revised by an authorized AAC technician, who will fold and repair it if necessary. This service is available at SOS Parachute facilities.