SOS Parachute is a equipment with the standard measures we manufacture for you, so in the next process of purchase, we will ask for your data.

The complete rescue equipment has a final price of € 1,999 including delivery costs. Excluding customs duties of country of destination (if applicable).

Manufacturing your SOS Parachute equipment

The manufacturing and shipping process to the destination has a maximum duration of 12 weeks (available from January 2018). During the purchase process, you will receive communications from the SOS Parachute entity, informing you of the follow-up of the process and its follow-up (manufacture and delivery), for which a reference code will be provided.

We work with aeronautical engineers skilled in parachute manufacture. We manufacture our equipment under the international standards of quality and operation, as well as with certified entities that guarantee the reliability of our product.

Transportation and delivery

Orders will be delivered at destination through international transport companies with a specific insurance so that the product arrives in optimal conditions, without suffering damages. During the transport period, both our company and the customer keeps track of the order until its final destination, using a code provided by the courier company.

See our FAQ section for more information or contact our customer service for further inquiries.


STEP 1: Order your tailor-made SOS Parachute